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A well educated, people-focused, professional providing superior service with a smile ..

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Im a SL Medical Doctor, owner of HHC at SL Medical Center. Founder of Dean and Company where we provide affordable rental homes. Rental Agent for Estate Orleans as well as Balanvi Homes. More details listed in "picks" section of my profile.

My Interests

Interior Design, Exploring, Business Networking, Family RP, Medical RP, Para RP, Driving, Sailing, Flying, Dancing, IC Activities

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It is what it is

Music I Like

I love all genres of music as music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Films I Like

Too many to name

Books I Like

Too many to name. I love reading as a room without books is like a body without a soul ..

My Heroes

Myself .. oh and my parents!!

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Second Life Medical Center
:Second Life Medical Center 1 Users
Helping Hands Clinic is here to keep you in your best health. Eden Certified Doctor. We offer a full range of Medical Services. Behavioral Health Services, Gynecology, General Medicine, Wellness and Day Spa Services, Cosmetic Surgery, and more. Free Flu Shot!
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SL's Dine and Dance for 2
:SL's Dine and Dance for 2 0 Users
A cozy and romantic self-service area to dine and dance for 2. Control music stream by clicking the tuner located on the wall near hostess station at entrance. Reservations available upon request if you would like the full service restaurant experience.
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Town of Tropical Dream by Dean and Company
:Town of Tropical Dream by Dean and Company 0 Users
Welcome to the lovely town of Tropical Dream nestled in the far countryside. Located here for your enjoyment is a full service Hospital, Coffee Shop, Dine and Dance, Day Spa, Thule Bay Cinema, and SL Private Suite Homes by Dean and Company.. Enjoy!
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