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I've been in SL for 2 years,8 months. I work at Hotlanta Blues and I also work for the man who owns the sim that I call home in world.

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About Myself

My love is Vin,we are both RL and SL.
I live and work at Caribis Kalne. In RL,I have a Phd. So,yes. I have a brain as well as a body. Get to know my brain,DON'T bother trying to get to know my body. The answer has been and always will be NO!!!!
Men don't look at me (or ANY woman) as a sex object, 1. we might not want sex with you and 2. we are NOT objects. No still means no.See? Nothing special. I just speak my mind and as already stated,I do have a mind.
In RL,I'm a librarian. I love my job,because I love books,especially old books.I have a PHd in religion and mythology, and can & I've gone on archeological digs (around the United States,but I'd love to go to Egypt,Mexico and South America).

My Interests

Reading,writing,music,ancient religions,exploring SL.

Favorite Quote

"To thine own self be true" William Shakespeare

Music I Like

Classical,Blues,Country,Rag Time,Jazz,Dixie LandBig Band,love songs and Rock and Roll (not necessarily in that order,depends on my mood).

Films I Like

Old movies, different genre,various series I find on Netflix of various categories.

Books I Like

The Dharmapada,the Vedas and Upanishads,the Judeo/Christian Bible,the Torah,the Qaran,the Egyptian Book of the Dead,the Tibetan Book of the Dead,the Necromecon (see a pattern here?)

My Heroes

Joseph Cambell

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This Hunt will prove to be fun and potentially lucrative,as you enjoy the beauty of this sim. Enjoy.

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